What started out to be a great night back in the Rudzik #49 didn't end so well for Sodeman. Picking just about the worst pill in the bucket, he knew he would have to make something happen in the heat. Starting dead last in the second heat Sodeman quickly made his way up to battle for the 4th spot. Unfortunately a loose car couldn't keep it together in turn two and made contact with the #49. Sodeman was able to keep the car going with a little donut in the infield so not to bring out the yellow and continue. But with only an eight lap heat there just wasn't enough time, and Sodeman ended up in the 6th spot. At the beginning of the feature, even with a seventeenth starting spot, Sodeman was confident that he would be the car to beat. At the drop of the green coming down the front stretch he had already advance to 12th and was looking at 10th coming into turn one, unknowing behind him was a three wide race that ended with a car spinning out taking out another and Sodeman with him, and catching the back end of the #49 sent Sodeman on a ride flipping into turn one. The safety crews immediately went to work to help the dazed Sodeman. "It's racing, we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time," Sodeman later said. " A big thank you goes out to the entire Mercer outfit for a quick response to our aid, and to all the friends, family, fans, and friends that might as well be family in the racing community for all the support and concern about Jack. He is doing well! And even though his Girlfriend and Mother would like him to take it easy, he is back in the shop getting ready for next Friday at Lernerville with his Dad.

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