Central Pennsylvania Speedway


After coming down from the win at Sharon it was right back to business for the S & S Racing team. The team prepped and headed out to CPS to take on the All Stars. Sodeman was unsure about being first out to qualify but ended qualifying third fast of a field of 35 cars. Sodeman was automatically inverted into the 5th spot of the third heat. But after a tough battle Sodeman missed locking the 23jr in to the feature by one spot and was sent to the B. In the B Sodeman started behind fast time winner Stevie Smith and second fast time Dale Blaney, Sodeman had better luck in the B, making it to the feature. The 23jr would take the green in the 11th spot and after a tough battle all the way from 8th to 15th he fought his way back in to the top ten finishing in the 10th spot.

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