Sodeman Wins Thriller

Sodeman Wins Thriller

Jack Sodeman Jr. took an early lead and worked flawlessly in lapped traffic while holding off an oncoming Brandon Matus for his first win of 2018.

(23J) Jack Sodeman Jr.
(13) Brandon Matus
(7K) Dan Shetler
(55) Gary Kriess
(40) George Hobaugh
(C1) Clay Riney
(20B) Cody Bova
(51) Brent Matus
(29) Scott Barris
(2L) Sye Lynch
(4N) Jimmy Morris
(23) Darren Pifer
(27K) Jeremy Kornbau
(91) Sadie Siegel
(1R) Gale Ruth
(4K) Bill Kiley
(00) Alan Free
(2) AJ Flick
(23c) Jerry Hairhoger
(76) Davey Jones
(24) Jeremy Hill

Article Credit: Eric J. Westendorf
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