Strong run for Sodeman on a weather filled weekend

Strong run for Sodeman on a weather filled weekend

Felmlee led the snarling Sprint cars into turn one, but Brandon Matus found some bite on the high side in turns one and two to take an early lead. But Felmlee battled back and he nailed turns three and four to be scored as the leader of the opening lap. Felmee was hitting his marks, with Matus running second, Baughman in third, and Hobaugh in fourth. Sodeman was up to fifth in the early going.
There was a three-car battle for the lead with a handlul of laps complete. As the leaders approached traffic, Baughman weaved his way through to take the lead with eight klaps in the books. Felmlee held second, but he was under attack from Brandin Matus. Soon, Sodeman was in the hunt.
A caution for debris brought Baughman back to the rest of the racers. Sodeman used the restart to his advantage, sweeping into second in the first two turns. But he was no match for the fleet Texan.
A red for a spectacular crash involving Clay Riney and Charlie McMillin in the middle of the back stretch brought out the red. Neither driver was hurt, but the fence running along the track took the brunt of the impact.
Baughman raced out front the rest of the way, with Sodeman making up some ground as the laps wound down. But Sodeman ran out of time and fortified his points lead with the best of the rest finish this night.

Article Credit: Tri City Raceway Park PR
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