Schedule Results

7/6/2022 at Lernerville Speedway - Sarver, PA

410 Sprints - Winged: All Star Circuit of Champions

Jack Sodeman Jr

410 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
B Feature 1Time: 159.869411th
Heat 1Time: 112.28456th
Qualifying 1Time: 13.364925th

410 Sprints - Winged

All Star Circuit of Champions

A Feature

30 laps | 00:08:28.693Presented by Tezos
16Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA57
21Brent MarksMyerstown, PA19M
37Justin PeckMonrovia, IN13
45Chris WindomCanton, IL19
52Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO55
610Zeb WiseAngola, IN10
74Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
815Cap HenryBellevue, OH4
914Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B
103Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
1123Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA28
129A.J. FlickApollo, PA2
1318Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN11
1422Marcus DumesnySydney, NSW1AU
1520Brandon SpithalerButler, PA22
1621Carson ShortMarion, IL17
1716Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OH97
1825Darin GallagherButler, PA12
1911Cody BovaStruthers, OH20B
20 (DNF)17Logan McCandlessMercer, PA29
21 (DNF)19Kyle ReinhardtNeptune City, NJ91
22 (DNF)13Cale ThomasFairland, IN91T
23 (DNF)24Brandon MatusWampum, PA13M
24 (DNF)8Logan WagnerHarrisonville, PA1
25 (DNF)12Sye LynchCowansville, PA42

B Feature

12 laps | 00:02:55.076Presented by Classic Ink USA
11Carson ShortMarion, IL17
22Marcus DumesnySydney, NSW1AU
33Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA28
46Brandon MatusWampum, PA13M
57Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV49X
613Lachlan McHughGold Coast, QLD101
710Adam KekichHermitage, PA32
88Leyton Wagnerenon valley, PA38
99Lee JacobsHolmesville, OH81
1017Carl BowserButler, PA11B
114Jack Sodeman JrNorth Jackson, OH23JR
12 (DNF)12Brent MatusWampum, PA33M
13 (DNF)16Bill KileyCabot, PA4K
14 (DNF)11Eddie LumbarDenilquin, NSW36AU
DNS-Darin GallagherButler, PA12
DNS-Danny KurigerRochester, PA08
DNS-Darren PiferReynoldsville, PA23


6 laps | 00:01:25.049Presented by Elliott's Custom Trailers and Carts
12Brent MarksMyerstown, PA19M
24Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO55
33Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
41Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
55Chris WindomCanton, IL19
67Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA57
78Justin PeckMonrovia, IN13
86Logan WagnerHarrisonville, PA1

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:01:54Presented by Hunt Brothers Pizza
13Logan WagnerHarrisonville, PA1
24Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
36Sye LynchCowansville, PA42
42Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OH97
51Logan McCandlessMercer, PA29
65Jack Sodeman JrNorth Jackson, OH23JR
77Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV49X
89Adam KekichHermitage, PA32
910Bill KileyCabot, PA4K
108Carl BowserButler, PA11B

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:01:55Presented by CSI Shocks
11Chris WindomCanton, IL19
24Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA57
33Cody BovaStruthers, OH20B
42Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B
55Brandon SpithalerButler, PA22
66Darin GallagherButler, PA12
77Leyton Wagnerenon valley, PA38
89Brent MatusWampum, PA33M
98Darren PiferReynoldsville, PA23
10-Brandon MatusWampum, PA13M
11-Kyle ReinhardtNeptune City, NJ91
12-Cap HenryBellevue, OH4

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:01:55Presented by All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads
11Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO55
22A.J. FlickApollo, PA2
34Brent MarksMyerstown, PA19M
45Cap HenryBellevue, OH4
57Kyle ReinhardtNeptune City, NJ91
63Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA28
78Brandon MatusWampum, PA13M
89Eddie LumbarDenilquin, NSW36AU
96Danny KurigerRochester, PA08

Heat 4

8 laps | 00:01:55.185Presented by Mobil 1
11Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA24
22Justin PeckMonrovia, IN13
33Zeb WiseAngola, IN10
45Cale ThomasFairland, IN91T
57Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN11
64Carson ShortMarion, IL17
76Marcus DumesnySydney, NSW1AU
88Lee JacobsHolmesville, OH81
99Lachlan McHughGold Coast, QLD101


00:00:27Presented by Dixie Vodka
125Brent MarksMyerstown, PA19M12.642
28Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC12.914
332Carson ShortMarion, IL1712.928
435Rico AbreuSt. Helena, CA2412.934
527Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO5512.959
637Justin PeckMonrovia, IN1312.982
730Zeb WiseAngola, IN1012.988
829Cale ThomasFairland, IN91T13.014
934Marcus DumesnySydney, NSW1AU13.026
1015Kyle LarsonElk Grove, CA5713.074
1122A.J. FlickApollo, PA213.082
1226Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA2813.089
1317Chris WindomCanton, IL1913.117
147Logan McCandlessMercer, PA2913.138
1536Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN1113.152
1631Lee JacobsHolmesville, OH8113.167
1733Lachlan McHughGold Coast, QLD10113.173
1818Bill BalogNorth Pole, AK17B13.180
1923Cap HenryBellevue, OH413.193
2021Danny KurigerRochester, PA0813.311
2112Cody BovaStruthers, OH20B13.320
221Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OH9713.327
233Logan WagnerHarrisonville, PA113.330
2428Kyle ReinhardtNeptune City, NJ9113.363
259Jack Sodeman JrNorth Jackson, OH23JR13.364
262Sye LynchCowansville, PA4213.370
2716Brandon SpithalerButler, PA2213.373
2820Brandon MatusWampum, PA13M13.403
295Tanner ThorsonMinden, NV49X13.409
306Carl BowserButler, PA11B13.446
3114Darin GallagherButler, PA1213.525
324Adam KekichHermitage, PA3213.529
3319Leyton Wagnerenon valley, PA3813.654
3413Darren PiferReynoldsville, PA2313.686
3524Eddie LumbarDenilquin, NSW36AU13.781
3611Brent MatusWampum, PA33M13.857
3710Bill KileyCabot, PA4K14.799
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