Schedule Results

4/8/2023 at Atomic Speedway - Chillicothe, OH

410 Sprints - Winged: FASTonDIRT

Jack Sodeman Jr

410 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
B Feature 2Time: 328.661810th
Heat 4Time: 335.30318th
Qualifying 2Time: 12.08818th

410 Sprints - Winged


A Feature

30 laps | 00:22:06.164Presented by Ohio Heating and Cooling
14Brandon WimmerFairmount, INA79
22J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA97
38Chris WindomCanton, IL4
49Cap HenryBellevue, OH33W
53Jordan RyanCastalia, OH25R
65Cole DuncanCircleville, OH22C
77Zeth SaboFremont, OH23
811Skylar GeeLeduc, AB99
922Ricky PetersonRawson, OH2
106Kory CrabtreeWest Jefferson, OH11C
111Cole MacedoLemoore, CA50YR
1210Sean RayhallBoston, MA19
1314Josh DavisChillicothe, OH4U
1418Trey JacobsWooster, OH9
1516Reece SaldanaPittsboro, IN17
1620Justin ClarkHamersville, OH78
1719Mitch HarbleNewark, OH15
1817Nate ReeserCircleville, OH83X
1921Kasey JedrzejekLagrange, OH12
2013Danny Sams IIINorth Port, FL24D
2112Travis PhiloWaterville, OH5T
2215Danny SmithChillicothe, OH66

B Feature

10 laps | 00:03:55.219Presented by Ohio Heating and Cooling
13Nate ReeserCircleville, OH83X
21Mitch HarbleNewark, OH15
32Kasey JedrzejekLagrange, OH12
47Ryan BroughtonBainbridge, OH22B
56Bryce LuciusFindlay, OH32L
69Bryan Nuckles59
75Darin NaidaAdrian, MI7N
88Bradley AshfordWilmington, OH4X
911James Moore305Mainstay, OH11J
104Jake HessonMarysville, OH5J
DNS-D.J. FoosFremont, OH29
DNS-Jaylynn MontgomeryJackson, OH21J

B Feature 2

10 laps | 00:11:17.204Presented by Ohio Heating and Cooling
12Trey JacobsWooster, OH9
23Justin ClarkHamersville, OH78
31Ricky PetersonRawson, OH2
45Ryan MyersLewisburg, OH56R
57Max StambaughLima, OH71H
66Brandon SpithalerButler, PA22
710McKenna HaaseDes Moines, IA55T
89Lee HaskinsChillicothe, OH24
94Jeremy WeaverHarrisville, PA5
108Jack Sodeman JrNorth Jackson, OH23JR
DNS-Creed KemenahAlvada, OH15K

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:30:29.177Presented by Ohio Heating and Cooling
11Kory CrabtreeWest Jefferson, OH11C
23Cap HenryBellevue, OH33W
34Brandon WimmerFairmount, INA79
42Danny Sams IIINorth Port, FL24D
56Mitch HarbleNewark, OH15
65Nate ReeserCircleville, OH83X
78Darin NaidaAdrian, MI7N
87Ryan BroughtonBainbridge, OH22B
99Bryan Nuckles59
1010James Moore305Mainstay, OH11J

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:12:48.504Presented by Ohio Heating and Cooling
11Zeth SaboFremont, OH23
24Cole MacedoLemoore, CA50YR
33Travis PhiloWaterville, OH5T
45Josh DavisChillicothe, OH4U
58Kasey JedrzejekLagrange, OH12
66Jake HessonMarysville, OH5J
77Bryce LuciusFindlay, OH32L
89Bradley AshfordWilmington, OH4X
910Jaylynn MontgomeryJackson, OH21J
102D.J. FoosFremont, OH29

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:08:05.119Presented by Ohio Heating and Cooling
12Jordan RyanCastalia, OH25R
21Sean RayhallBoston, MA19
34Cole DuncanCircleville, OH22C
47Danny SmithChillicothe, OH66
58Ricky PetersonRawson, OH2
66Justin ClarkHamersville, OH78
73Ryan MyersLewisburg, OH56R
85Max StambaughLima, OH71H
910Lee HaskinsChillicothe, OH24
109Creed KemenahAlvada, OH15K

Heat 4

8 laps | 00:05:21.497Presented by Ohio Heating and Cooling
12J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA97
23Skylar GeeLeduc, AB99
34Chris WindomCanton, IL4
46Reece SaldanaPittsboro, IN17
58Trey JacobsWooster, OH9
65Jeremy WeaverHarrisville, PA5
77Brandon SpithalerButler, PA22
81Jack Sodeman JrNorth Jackson, OH23JR
99McKenna HaaseDes Moines, IA55T

Qualifying 2

2 laps | 00:08:05.670Presented by Ohio Heating and Cooling
116Cole DuncanCircleville, OH22C11.626
24Chris WindomCanton, IL411.895
33Ryan MyersLewisburg, OH56R11.914
412Skylar GeeLeduc, AB9911.915
514Jordan RyanCastalia, OH25R11.981
619J.J. HickleQuilcene, WA9711.986
717Sean RayhallBoston, MA1911.993
81Jack Sodeman JrNorth Jackson, OH23JR12.088
95Max StambaughLima, OH71H12.108
109Jeremy WeaverHarrisville, PA512.125
1110Justin ClarkHamersville, OH7812.152
1215Reece SaldanaPittsboro, IN1712.215
137Danny SmithChillicothe, OH6612.256
148Brandon SpithalerButler, PA2212.259
156Ricky PetersonRawson, OH212.293
1618Trey JacobsWooster, OH912.306
1713Creed KemenahAlvada, OH15K12.323
1811McKenna HaaseDes Moines, IA55T12.550
192Lee HaskinsChillicothe, OH2413.393

Hot Laps 1

2 laps | 00:07:29Presented by Ohio Heating and Cooling
1-Brandon WimmerFairmount, INA79
2-Cole MacedoLemoore, CA50YR
3-Cap HenryBellevue, OH33W
4-Travis PhiloWaterville, OH5T
5-Danny Sams IIINorth Port, FL24D
6-D.J. FoosFremont, OH29
7-Kory CrabtreeWest Jefferson, OH11C
8-Zeth SaboFremont, OH23
9-Nate ReeserCircleville, OH83X
10-Josh DavisChillicothe, OH4U
11-Mitch HarbleNewark, OH15
12-Jake HessonMarysville, OH5J
13-Ryan BroughtonBainbridge, OH22B
14-Bryce LuciusFindlay, OH32L
15-Darin NaidaAdrian, MI7N
16-Kasey JedrzejekLagrange, OH12
17-Bryan Nuckles59
18-Bradley AshfordWilmington, OH4X
19-James Moore305Mainstay, OH11J
20-Jaylynn MontgomeryJackson, OH21J
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